When the pain is unbearable

When the pain is unbearable

… and no tears are left.

During my volunteer work at the European Mission Fellowship (EMF e.V. -alliance for democracy and tolerance) I got to know a member of the international congregation/cooperation for human rights (IGFM), who works in a lot of different refugee camps in northern Iraq.

Trough a Kurdish contact he has the opportunity to take care of people that have been freed from ISIS slavery.

The people tell him what they have suffered, he weeps with them and helps to carry their heavy load.

He talked with me about the horror these women and children had to endure. Horror that can’t be endured. So today I want to tell you one of these horror stories.

A pregnant women with the name Dilara was taken by ISIS, together with her two year old daughter and her three year old son. Her husband was slaughterer in front of her their eyes.

The man who had kidnapped Dilara, took her two year old daughter Dilan and locked her in a cabinet. He forbid Dilara to take her daughter out.

Dilan screamed and cried badly. Dilara just couldn’t let her daughter stay in the cabinet. Every mother will understand. The weiter lesen>>

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