The suffering of a mother

The suffering of a mother

During my stay with the European Mission Fellowship (EMG) I had the great privilege not only to get to know the former ISIS Sex Slave „Shirin“, but also „Halil“ a worker with the international cooperation of human rights. (IGFM)“Halil“ works in many refugee camps in Iraq and helps to free women and children that are held as slaves by ISIS. In the interview with him I was informed about many fateful reports, one of whom I would like to tell you.

ISIS took a woman named „Seve“ and her two children captive. ISIS gave „Seve“ the Koran and ordered her to memorize five (could have been more) suras of the Koran. Arabic is NOT „Seve’s“ language.

She tried for days and nights, but at the end she could not recite the suras without mistakes.

Following this ISIS chopped of both hands of her three year old son. Without any medical provision for her son,they left her „allone“, with the instruction to learn to recite these suras without any imperfections or they threaten to do even worst with them.

„Seve“ learned as hard as she could, but her pronunciation was still faulty.

As a consequence ISIS ripped one of her weiter lesen>>

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